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Update: A Lot of Change But It's Good Change!!

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Hey there hey, (if you came from my instagram)

Hey there stranger, (if you are just checking out the blog posts don't worry the more you know the better)

So the first change is something everyone might have noticed, my prices went up. When I started this business I started with numbers that I thought were appropriate at the time. Now that I have dived into this business and got the hang of things my prices reflect the time, effort and ingredients put into the products that you like to buy and see.

The second change is my sizes, I will be changing them to 1.5 oz, 3oz and 6oz. Right now those are the sizes I am happy with and think they give enough options for you guys to choose from.

The biggest change for last..... I have moved off of ETSY. I have been using Etsy this entire business journey and I realize it doesn't help nor fit my needs anymore so I have upgraded my wix website and will now be doing everything from here at

The biggest surprise of them all is I will be in a retail space at Neux Body Esthetics with the wonderful and fabulous owner Grace. This will not be up and running until early-mid August. You will be able to visit during the day and Grace would be happy to help in-between her appointments or you can come in the evening when I will be there to help you.

Hours regarding this as well as location will be posted later, on my instagram and in another update post in the future.

P.S What would be some products you would be interested in seeing. Post a comment down below and let me know

Hope the start of your summer has been great ❤️

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