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Consistency, Inclusivity, and Your Ongoing Support


I'm committed to improving the consistency of our blog posts, ensuring that all updates are shared here first before reaching our social media platforms. I envision this blog as the central hub on our website, where you can conveniently find everything without navigating through various social channels.

My goal is to make these posts a comprehensive source for essential and helpful information about our business, piecing together the key aspects of what's happening. By reading these updates, you'll have a direct and thorough understanding of our latest developments.

Just a heads up, you might notice me switching between "I" and "we" in these posts. Truth is, it's still just me here, a one-woman show trying to keep things sounding professional. I believe using "we" can add a sense of collaboration and inclusivity, even when it's just me behind the scenes.

I also didn't realize that I had comments disabled for anyone who is not a site member. That has now been changed, and everyone can now comment.

I really appreciate everyone who takes the time to read these posts and stay informed about our journey. Your support is invaluable, and I look forward to sharing more exciting updates with you.  ❤️

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